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5th Apr 2018 - 8th Apr 2018

pentas 2, klpac

Presented by The Actors Studio Seni Teater Rakyat & MUKA Space 木卡空间

Artistic Director Joe Hasham OAM
Executive Director Dato' Dr. Faridah Merican
Director Vincent Hau, Marina Tan & Amelia Tan, Easee Gan, Mon Lim, William Yap, Giant Liang
Actors Season Chee 徐世顺, Aki Chan 陈玤妤, Zay Fong 冯玄生, Lee Yau Weng 李友荣, Amelia Tan 爱美丽亚, Boh Kuan 叶宝君, Kimmy Kiew 丘雨锦, MayJune Tan 陈美君, Tan Li Yang 陈立扬, Shiuan Leow 廖筱萱, Dexter Liong 梁迪生, Jessica Yap 叶思晴, Maggie Ong 翁美琪, Yuan Ci Ng 伍苑慈, Winston Liew 刘可成, Giant Liang 梁家恩
Date & Time

5 – 7 Apr @ 8.30pm
7 – 8 Apr @ 3pm


Regular: RM55
Concession: RM45 (TAS Card Members/Senior Citizens/Disabled)

Early Bird (5 – 28 Feb): RM80 for 2
Flat Rate (Show 1 & 3): RM45

From the same team that created the 7 short plays series: Don’t Let Shakespeare Know (2016) & Don’t Let Children Know (2017) comes another exciting installment slated for April 2018. MUKA Space & The Actors Studio Seni Teater Rakyat proudly present Don’t Let Writer Know which will feature a variety of short plays inspired by Chinese Literature in conjunction with celebration 100th anniversary of Malaysian Chinese Theatre. Expect the unexpected as directors each present their own take on a Chinese Literature but with a twist. Hence, the title Don’t Let Writer Know because there will be some risqué material too.


Ladies Lavatory – The Three Visits 《三顾茅厕之三顾茅炉》– directed by Vincent Hau

Super “Wu”man 《武娘子》– directed by Marina Tan & Amelia Tan

Mulan Mulan 《木蘭木蘭》– directed by Giant Liang

Till We Meet Again 《再見桃花源》– directed by Mon Lim

Pity 《怜》– directed by William Yap

DaJi 《妲己》– directed by Easee Gan

Grandpa’s Papaya Tree 《阿爷的木瓜树》– directed by Easee Gan