Ang Yue May Head of Marketing & Communications

From the straight-cut world of IT to the more unpredictable world of the arts more than 10 years ago.

Benedict Chin Assistant Stage/Production Manager

Theatre is my daily routine as it’s a part of my life.

Coebar Abel Creative Guy

Jack of all(read: some) trades, master of none(read: few).

Easee Gan Senior Production Manager

Unlike my name, I work hard, actively producing various Malaysian theatre productions and festivals.

Ho Lee Ching Actor-in-Residence / Facilitator

Always learning.

Ian Chow Group General Manager

The moral compass of the company.

Joel Wong Graphic Designer

Handles all the design and layout of printed materials (posters, leaflets) and static images for shows and the venue.

Lawrence Selvaraj Theatre Manager

The upper executive director.

Michele Rozells Personal Assistant to the Executive Producer

The big sister every company should have.

Tung Jit Yang Director-in-Residence/Facilitator

Exeunt. Pursued by bear.

Zhafir Muzani Choreographer-Actor-Facilitator

Dance is my way to appreciate God’s gifts.